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Ayurvedic Foot Bath

Warm water stimulates tired feet and helps improve the condition of the skin on the feet. An ayurvedic foot bath aims to relax, revitalise and aid circulation through the use of herbs.

To enjoy the stimulation of an ayurvedic foot bath gather a selection of herbs – including Leonurus heterophyllus, Artemisia argyi, Carthamus tinctorius, Zingiber officinale. Pour boiling water over the pouch you have placed in a foot-sized bowl, and allow to sit for twenty minutes. Check the temperature, and add cold water if necessary, before immersing your feet into the fragrant water. Soak the feet for twenty minutes or so and then gently rub the herb pouch all over your feet.

These blends were developed based on Ayurvedic principles, using herbs that are generally available in the Sri Lanka. and most of which you may be familiar with. Each tin contains enough of the herb blend for about twelve foot baths.

Pacify your dosha or balance your chakras at the same time improving your overall health and well-being. Relax and enjoy a foot bath!

Choose from:
Pitta Cool and calming, pacifying pitta energies.
Kapha Warm and stimulating, pacifying kapha energies.
Vata Warm and grounding, pacifying vata.
Chakra Balancing Seven spices- one for balancing each of the seven chakras.

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