Kalyani Anti Ageing Skin Solutions KAAA
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Minimum efforts with maximum effects. New innovation of Inveda brings the magical tradition of healing from Kalyani Anti Ageing Skin Solutions kit to rejuvenate your skin with brightening youthful appearance. 100% organic ingredients blended with the combination of Guduchi/ Triphala & Haridra to repair the broken & ageing skin cells resulting in intensely hydrated, nourished & wrinkle-free skin.


Guduchi / Triphala / Haridra / Yesthimadhu / Ashwagandha / Najavara Rice / Brahmi / Manjishta

Recommended for

Sagging skin / Wrinkle skin / Fine lines / Dull skin / Lifeless skin / Aging skin / Premature aging / Under eye / Dark circles

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